Clear communication ... and true understanding

Although English is widely spoken by many, it is often not fully understood. Especially in my area of specialisation, it is essential to fully understand what is written, in a contract, purchase order, or quotation, for example. I deliver precise translations of contracts, business, and legal texts into German and vice versa. With a bit of an exception when it comes to the field of marketing, of course, which requires some creativity.

With more than 20 years of experience in the translation industry and my strong background in business administration – having completed a 3-year apprenticeship plus several years in the job – I can guarantee top class translations in my fields.

Benefit from my expertise in your communications with your potential customers or business partners! I can assist your negotiations by translating your drafts forth and back until both parties are ready to sign. Extra benefit: ambiguities often only become obvious in the translation process because the translator is the one who reads and analyses a text extremely thoroughly.

I also offer sworn translations of documents - for example, birth or marriage certificates, last wills, diplomas, reference letters, company registration documents etc. - to be presented to authorities, educational institutions, or future employers in Germany or within the EU.

If you are looking for an interpreter for an appointment with a business partner or notary, for example to buy or sell a house, or at the registry or immigration office, I can be of assistance too.